Haute Couture


The ARTchemists

Love is a battle, the armor beauty, seduction strategy? Female flower thorn woman, arabesque, woman dragon ... while he carves size and ladies neck Steven Tuwatanassy mixes Asian and baroque imagination to shape the outfits of these modern Circe.

Belts, corsets, collars, bolero, epaulets, tiaras ... marry her ornaments movement foaming waves, anemones keyed alike to the sun, the scales of the Hydra or leather Chimera. We know if he softens plastic, tames coral or forge bronze, but the universe is both solid and air, in an explosion of iridescent colors that enhances evening dresses or cocktail outfits.

The woman and embellished revives the mythologies of the original world, a clean bright and sophisticated elegance to Chinese empresses ornaments, sovereign of the great dresses Century, the Persian embroidery of old sultanas. Organic, his creations convene sap, blood, molten metal, oil fired at the source of the earth or the raging sea ...

All the silhouette of an old actress, the allure of a diva, the attitude of great lyrical heroines, Dido, Alceste, Norma, Turandot ... total negation of casual, they determine a grace, distinction, a maintaining appropriate to assume exacerbate in an aristocratic gesture of pure fascination  …

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